Today it is hard to know what we are eating...what we are putting on our skin.  The body is constantly trying to heal itself and we often don't realize we are fighting against it by what we are eating.  

I think we are in this together and I love to share ideas!  My hope is that this company can inspire you to make changes.  That you are able to live out the life God created you for and not be hindered by physical or chemical limitations.  

We don’t have any products to show here right now.

Hello!  I am Rachel and I love talking about nutrition.  I now have 8 children (blended family) and have struggled with health issues most of my life.  The last 6 years I have changed everything and I feel amazing!  I am now passionate about helping anyone else wanting to make a change.  I also like creating new products that are simple, chemical free and beneficial to general health!

Hi I'm Andy and I am married to Rachel.  I am a musician by trade, but have other talents that fill the marketing needs of this business.  I have experienced the benefits of eating well and am passionate about getting this message out to other people.

This is Jessie.  She is an amazing artist, photographer and creative director.  She has 2 children and is married to my brother.  She is a part-time team worker, but is necessary in moving this company forward.  

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